Dr. Govinda Sapkota

Image of Govinda Sapkota

Post Doc 

Discipline: Family and Consumer Sciences

Phone number: (405)334-7839

Email: govinda@nmsu.edu

Office: Gerald Thomas, Room: W 300


I presently hold a postdoctoral researcher position in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at New Mexico State University, specializing in analyzing health-promoting bioactive compounds in fruits and vegetables.

In my Master's at Oklahoma State, I focused on polyphenol extraction from grape seeds, laying the groundwork for my Ph.D. at New Mexico State, where I studied the dynamics of nutrients in Chinese jujube at different maturity and thermal processing.

I currently work on a special wine analysis service for New Mexico wineries, and I’m focused on developing value-added products from agro-industrial wastes. My research pursuits are centered on investigating the potential health benefits of diverse phytochemicals in agro-industrial products. I am looking forward to advancing the comprehension of phytochemicals and their versatile applications across various fields.